by Nothing Personal

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Nothing Personal Lights EP 2014 |Melodic Hardcore|

Produced by Łukasz Jackowski (core studio)


released December 8, 2014



all rights reserved


Nothing Personal Zielona Góra, Poland

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Track Name: Don't Pray For Me
I won’ t forget this what should be adapted in my memory forever
and I hope you agree.
I could never choose what’ s good and what’ s not, I try to not listen to you, but despite of it I still hear too much words,
Don t tell me where to go!
Don’t tell me where should I be!
Your words are a poison for my skin.
I try to keep a balance but I always fall down, please stop hiding in my shadow and don’t…
Don’ t pray for me!!
Track Name: What Have I Done
The storm of thoughts lasts in my head,
All of lightings hit in me,
I m bleeding, I m falling, I don t know what s a reason of it

The name of culprit of my pain
The meaning of this inside rain
It all for me now means a lot
But I know, I m not too close

I m looking for this rays, which used to light my way
But now they re behind the clouds, somewhere far away

I m grouping in the dark without sound in it,
Now my only hope is that there somewhere is exit

I m leaving this place now to find this what I lost
I don’t understand this what I was dying for
Please save me! Please tell me why I deserved it,
How much time now I need to repair this ?

What have I done? I don t know, but I’ve lost too much
I need to feel the power of your treating touch
Why can t we swim like we used to do it before
Your name was meant for me more than only word
Track Name: Lights
All those times which I spend with you here made that I can’ t sleep..
I hate you!.. you interrupted my dream.
I’ m falling leaf which is slowly withering, I’ m not afraid about a fall,
I m afraid that it could be the end.

I don t want to come back hope now there s only darkness around me, this silence make me I’ m scared. There is no voice in this room, but this voice in my head order me to go.
You will never know my name, you will never know the truth, there s a little light in my heart, there s a chance for you.

Always when I remind myself that I m here, I want to scream but I can t and that s my fear,

Open eyes are not a sign of life, so I hope I m still alive despite of my closed eyes,
I m closing widows of my jail, I m drawing birds on a ceiling and I hope that they will start to sing!
I can t stand another night in silence, even little lights ease my mind,
I can t stand another day here, leave my mind and don t hold me by your hand
I don t pose as you, there is not enough freedom in my mind,
I won t let it go, I try to stop all the time,
Is there any hope for me in a prediction?
Is there any hope for me?
Track Name: Hold My Breath
I won't fall asleep
I don't want to close my eyes
I don't want to leave my head
When the red in my veins will stay
I don't want to fall asleep
I'm afraid that tomorrow I'll be someone else,
I'm afraid that I'll wake up as someone else
No, I will not change my name even if you did the same
No, I will not hold by breath, I will not take a rest even if there is big mess
I will be in the words, I'll be the words, I'll be my actions, I'll be forever
Even if I am only a shadow I will shine and brighten your ways
Is there a place for me, between tomorrow and today
I don't need to anybody ease my mind, all I want is just to be myself.

Is a truth in my eyes?
I hope I'll see that sunrise even once again
And I hope that this sun in you will never fade like me.
I don't want to go, leave me please alone,
I don't want to go, leave me alone!

No, I will not change my name even if you did the same
No, I will not hold by breath, I will not take a rest even if there is big mess.
Track Name: Misgivings
When we are leaving the port
With closed eyes
When we make the next step to the compromise
It's hard to deal with fate

Because we are only slaves

The lights of the night are watching us

We are twisted
A plot without an ending
And tears of love

Captives of our free
Wasted children of misery

I can't fail next time
With this I swore to make it right

I can't explain what i feel, when I slowly disappear
My mind, my way
And all what I said
You will never know my misgivings and what I'm going trough
All my fears, all my steps and misgivings of this way

Please forget about the past
Lose your naive trust

We are victims of lies
We are not frauds

Please forget
Please forget what I said
Please forget
Please forget the past
Because I need your trust
Because I need...